Containers to be Location for Retail Entrepreneurs

20 June 2016
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20 June 2016, Comments: 0

OEDC Notes

Imagine:  it is the year 1935 on North 24th Street:  there are street cars, live jazz music, and a plethora of businesses that offer the amenities and necessities of everyday life.  Fast forward to 2016: Revitalization!  A working definition of revitalization is an organized attempt to create a more satisfying culture with a new culture modeled after previous modes of living…(taken from the 1956 Anthony F. C. Wallace published paper called “Revitalization Movement.”)

The Fair Deal Village MarketPlace is just that a Revitalization Movement.  As part of the Fair Deal Village District, the Omaha Economic Development Corporation (OEDC) built a 40 unit senior apartment complex and five single family three bedroom rental homes at 25th & Blondo Street.  Continuing FD Urban Rental Houseon the path of the Fair Deal Village Project, the iconic Fair Deal Café was demolished in November 2015.Fair Deal Village East Senior Apartments Exterior  Through the visionary leadership of OEDC President, Michael Maroney in March 2016, trees were cleared and a way was made to begin construction on the Fair Deal Village MarketPlace (FDVMP).

A United States Department of Health and Human Services: Community Economic Development Healthy Food and Financing Initiative Project Grant was awarded to OEDC in 2014 to finance a healthy food market in the 24th Street corridor to address and improve economic and physical health of persons in areas designated as food deserts.  Because there has not been any fresh produce in the 24th Street neighborhood, the area was designated a food desert.  The grant is intended to aid in creating increased healthy food access and sustained employment in low income communities by creating employment opportunities and entrepreneurial business opportunities.

In addition to the 1700 square foot healthy food convenience store (no sale of alcohol or tobacco) and the Fair Deal Café, there will be ten shipping containers that are being repurposed to house small retail businesses in the FDVMP.   The shipping container site will the first of its kind in the State of Nebraska.


Persons who have a retail business operation that is currently homebased or a startup business are encouraged to contact Terri Sanders, FDVMP Site Manager to obtain an application to lease one of the containers ( or call her at 402-504-1842, Monday to Friday 8:30AM-5:00PM). All applications will be individually reviewed along with a requested business plan to determine the businesses that will be invited to consider leasing at the FDVMP.

The FDVMP will open fall 2016 as an economic development project providing economic stimulus to our community; approximately forty full-time jobs, and an opportunity for small retail entrepreneurs to move to a commercial location.

OEDC is a Community Economic Corporation established in 1977 to invest in people and projects in the community. OEDC is a 501(c) 3 organization.  More information on the organization can be found:; Social Media:;;; and


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