During the latter decades of the twentieth century, North Omaha struggled to bring back the entrepreneurial spirit it had earlier in the century. The area experienced a substandard commercial infrastructure and vacant commercial parcels dominated the landscape. OEDC made it its focus to invest in revitalization projects to help bring the commercial zone back to life.

Nearly $60 million in investments and equity contributions have been arranged in sponsoring revitalization efforts. The 23,000-square-foot Kellom Heights Shopping Center became the first business anchor in the community in several decades. This project created needed jobs and generated a minimum of $1.6 million in taxes through property, payroll, personal income, and sales tax revenue.

Another project OEDC is pursuing is revitalizing the Long School Marketplace Commercial Project. This multiphased project, which is 40,000+ square feet of commercial and retail space plus educational facilities, stretches from 24th to 25th Streets and spans from Hamilton to Franklin Streets. The development stems from OEDC’s partnership with the Long School Neighborhood Association.



We worked with the Long School Neighborhood Association to build a commercial retail center at the northeast corner of 24th/Hamilton Street. It is located within the area bordered by Lake Street, 24th Street, Cuming Street, and North Freeway.


Historic Jewell Building: OEDC headquarters and office space

Old Post Office Renovation Project: Salem Food Pantry <<<

Jensen Building: Commercial retail space

Long School Marketplace: Approximately 23,000-square-foot strip shopping center

Wesley House: Compassion in Action <<<

Learning Community Center of North Omaha: Approximately 20,000-square-foot early childhood educational center

Nicholas Building: To be determined

Larimore Avenue Building: 45,000 square feet

Fair Deal Village MarketPlace (Fair Deal Café, Fair Deal Healthy Food Store, and Fair Deal Plaza: Coming in 2016 )

North End Teleservices LLC: <<<