Community Engagement


Hundreds of people gathered to find long-lost friends, distant relatives, and Native Omahan’s from all over as they gathered outside OEDC and Dreamland Parks Plaza…

In a community event, August 2, 2013, for Native Omahan Days, OEDC featured the WGO Orchestra. The WGO Orchestra is a soulful collaboration of men and women who embrace the feel-good spirits from the Motown Era. A trio of seasoned, talented ladies sang hits like Diana Ross’, “I’m Coming Out,” a great way of expressing the plan for North Omaha to come out and celebrate. People also had a chance to enjoy historical photos in the picture galleries and free food. It was truly an amazing time.



The Fair Deal Café, once known as the “Black City Hall” of Omaha, served as a haven for the North Omaha community during the Civil Rights era. It was a popular place for gatherings of politicians and businessmen. And, according to past patrons, it also served some of the best soul food in town!


On October 22, 2011, a group of Wells Fargo Volunteers rolled up their sleeves, donned surgical masks and gloves, and began the process of removing debris and trash from The Fair Deal Cafe.